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Traditional Processing normally has a lot of fees involve for every transaction and the merchant has to pay all of these fees! With Our Lokal Payments (OLP) 0% processing, all those fees will be eliminated!

Traditional Processing

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Payment Terminal

    Charges 2.7%-4%
    processing fee
  • Customer

    Pays no fee.
    Gets rewards points
  • Merchant

    Receives 96% of sale amount

OLP 0% Processing

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Payment Terminal

    3.99% fee
  • Customer

    Pays small fee.
    Still gets rewards points
  • Merchant

    Receives 100% of sale amount
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How It works?

No Fees

With our software, all the processing fees will be incorporated into the sale and a small fee is passed on to the card holder.

Cash is King

Even better, your customers are rewarded for paying in cash with a 3.99% discount!

Saving is Key

You, the business owner, get 100% of the sale and at the end of the month, your processing fees will be ZERO!

OLP 0% Processing Will 100% eliminate your processing fees!

With the OLP 0% Processing plan, you'll never have to worry about processing fees! Thousands of happy and satisfied merchants already switched with OLP, and more are signing up every day!

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Our Lokal Payments

0% Processing



Interchange Fee 0% 2%-4% of Gross
Transaction Fee $0.00 $0.5-$0.25
Authorization Fee $0.00 $0.5-$0.25
Statement Fee $0/mo $5-$10/mo
Monthly Minimum $0/mo $25-$50/mo
Online Access Fee $0/mo $3-$15/mo
Other Junk Fees No junk fees $1-$199/mo

See What Our Clients Say

Maria Luis

"Their service is phenomenal! They helped me throughout the process from application to usage of the system! I saved a lot of money at the end of the month. More money for my business!"

Richard Swift

"Our Lokal Payments helped me save money for my company specially during this time! All my processing fees are eliminated and I don't need to worry about the trasactions fees at all!"

John Smith

"Everything was explained to me from the very beginning. I was not interested in the beginning but when they explained the benefits of their payment processing, i was sold. Very simple solution but it helped me a lot on my everyday processes and saved money for our company. I highly recommend OLP payments!"

It’s very simple. You run your business and we handle the processing fees!

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We will hold your hand through out the process.

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